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Welcome to Yonkers, where the bagels are fresh, the coffee's hot, and the locks? Well, they can be a bit finicky. But don't you worry, Elm Street Locksmith is on the job, making sure you're never stuck outside looking in.

24/7 Service - Because Locks Don't Care What Time It Is

It's 3 AM, and your lock decides to play hardball. Who you gonna call? No, not those ghost guys - Elm Street Locksmith Yonkers! We're here round the clock, ready to tackle any lock drama with a smile. We're like that reliable diner that never closes - always here when you need us.

A Few Facts About Us

- We have the best team of experts - As being a locksmith service that operates for more than a decade, we made sure to make our team members the best in the area of Yonkers NY. All our locksmiths have undergone the proper training for each of the services they provide. They will always do an impeccable job without ever ruining your property.

- We are licensed, insured, and bonded - License, bond, and insurance confirm the seriousness of a locksmith company. We want to keep it all on a high level and never compromise the security of neither our clients nor our locksmiths.

- Our services are cost-effective - At Locksmith Yonkers, we can proudly offer you the best of both worlds - our services are not only top-notch but affordable as well. You can get the best deals price-wise from us with the top-quality work as a must. Also, it's very easy to check the pricing of our services through the free estimate option.

- We are always available - Do you need us in the middle of a busy working day or the middle of the night? Do you have an emergency during the rush hour or on holiday? No matter when the trouble occurs, we will be available to help you out. Our locksmith service is up and running 24/7. Also, we are the ones who will arrive fast in the case of an emergency.

- We are friendly - To top it all off, our staff is always going to make you feel good. Our friendly approach is going to counter your nervousness in the case of an emergency. We are trustworthy, and we care about our customers. That's why we're the best.

Our Locksmith Services
Door Lock
Burglery Damage
Cylinder Door Repair
Garage Lock
Security Closet

Automotive/Emergency Locksmith Services

Getting locked keys in car is bad as it is, but what to do if that happens in the middle of the night? Also, breaking a key inside your house door lock in an inconvenient hour is equally nerve-wracking. All these situations need an intervention of either a car locksmith or any locksmith that does an emergency service. That's where we jump in! We will provide you with the best locksmith services out there, whether you need an automotive locksmith or an emergency locksmith. Speed in your time of need plays a big role, so be sure that you won't wait for our response very long. Wherever you are in the Yonkers area, we'll get to you in 20 minutes or less.

Residential Locksmith

Our residential locksmith services are the best ones to choose to maintain the safety of your sweet home. Sure, we get you back inside in no time, but we're not just about the quick fixes. Need a security upgrade? We've got the latest gear to keep your place safer than a squirrel's nut stash. From high-tech locks to good old-fashioned deadbolts, we've got your back.

We can repair broken locks or change them, we can install new keying systems like a master lock, we can manufacture new keys or do a lock rekey, we can install CCTV or other types of sophisticated phone systems, as well as security cameras installation. We do it all!

Right Around the Corner, Right When You Need Us

Closest locksmith to me? That's us. Yonkers Locksmith near me 24 hours? Also us. We're so local, we might as well be the neighborhood squirrels - always nearby, always ready to help. And faster than you can say Yonkers!

Part of the Yonkers Fabric for Over 20 Years

We've seen it all in our two decades - keys that have seen better days, locks with more mood swings than a teenager. But through it all, one thing's for sure: Yonkers is our home, and we treat every client like our next-door neighbor.

Closing Remark: Elm Street Locksmith - Here to Unlock Your Day (and Night!)

So, next time your lock decides to get a little quirky, give Elm Street Locksmith a call. We're the friendly, fast, and professional solution to all your lock woes. Because in Yonkers, the only thing we want locked out is the cold, not you.

If you have any questions or concerns about our services, feel free to inquire about them. Our call center operators are always at your service to help you by answering all your questions or to send technicians your way if you need an intervention.

Commercial Locksmith Service

We offer the best options out there for your office. Whether a mishap occurred and you need tour office's security restored, or you want to amp up its security even more - we are the ones for the job. If you forgot your safe combination or even if your combination lock is broken, we can do the safe combination reset or installation of a combination lock. If you need a lock change, repair, or lock installation - we do all of it. We can install sophisticated security systems or update the ones you have. At Elm Street Locksmith Services, we offer the best brands out there, like Medeco, Weslock, Kwikset, or Schlage - we have the deadbolt locks, master lock, cabinet locks, combination lock, magnetic door lock, and much more.

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